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Primary Health Care - Chronic Disease Management


Five Hills Health Region is offering an education series called “Changeways”.



Chronic Disease Management
• Cardiac Rehab
• Diabetes Education

• Depression

Changeways is a self-management workshop to build skills for managing depression, rather than letting depression manage you.  It is a series of group education sessions and involves sharing.  Attendees appreciate realizing they are not alone and getting to meet others who genuinely understand what living with depression is like. 

You will learn that changing what you do and how you think will change your feelings and moods. 

The group is led by mental health professionals trained in the Changeways program.  There are usually 6-10 participants in the group, which usually runs for 2 hours, once a week, for eight weeks. 

Course Content

  • Recognize and challenge unhealthy depressing “stress causing” thoughts. 
  • Learn to set goals you feel confident about.
  • Learn about depression.
  • Learn about stress.
  • Health lifestyle choices.
  • The importance of and how to develop a social life and a support system. 
  • Staying well and relapse prevention. 

Who Should Attend?

Changeways is for folks who struggle with managing stress in their lives.  It teaches helpful skills for life and self management.  It is beneficial to all of us.

This workshop will help people who have depression which is mild to moderate at the present time.  For example, a person may have had a bout of very severe depression and is now improving.  Or, a person may have lack of motivation and be feeling down in mood. 


“I liked the listening and caring and presenting the information so it made sense to all of us.”

(The group) “was more than I hoped for.”

“I would recommend this group very much”.

“Following the homework assignments and actually doing them was helpful”. 


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To register or for more information:

Mental Health & Addictions Services
Phone: 306-691-6464