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Public Health Services


Public Health Nutritionist
1000B Albert Street
Moose Jaw, SK.

• Public Health
• Baby, Child, Parent
• Immunizations

• Public Health Inspections
• Nutrition
• Speech Language Pathology


If you require nutrition counselling with a
Registered Dietitian please call the
Patient Education Centre at 306-694-0230.


The Public Health Nutritionist works within the Five Hills Health Region’s mandate to promote and enhance health in the population. The challenge of improving nutrition, health and quality of life is complex.  Strategies focus on the interactions among the determinants of health, food security, and nutritional and overall health.1


Public health nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition, with the ability to interpret and communicate complex nutrition information to broad and diverse audiences, particularly groups, communities and populations. As public health professionals they are influenced by the 36 core competencies as found in the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada document.2


Initiatives in which Saskatchewan public health nutritionists are or have been involved include:

  • developing and revising nutrition, growth and feeding relationship standards that support Child Health Clinics in Saskatchewan
  • undertaking provincial food costing every three years
  • improving food environments in schools and other facilities and organizations
  • improving the built environment (the built environment refers to the human-made surroundings that provide the setting for all human activity, including those places where people live, work, eat, learn, rest and play)
  • sharing information and resources with public health nurses, teachers, and other individuals and groups through their Nutrition Update Newsletter
  • working in partnership with others to address food security issues in communities
  • working with communities to develop local solutions to food security issues
  • forming local community food security action groups and regional food system assessments
  • working to evaluate community food programs and to develop strategic plans for the future
  • improving food environments by working in partnerships to ensure the availability and affordability of healthy food within schools, recreation facilities and communities
  • working to integrate breastfeeding friendly and breastfeeding safe environments
  • developing funding proposals for new community nutrition projects and initiatives

For more information, please contact the Public Health Nutritionist by

calling 306-691-2300


1 Strengthening public health nutrition practice in Canada:  Recommendations for Action. (2009). The Pan Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice.

2 Core competencies for public health in Canada. Release 1.0 (2008). Public Health Agency of Canada.