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Healthy People - Healthy Communities



Five Hills Health Region employees work together with you to achieve your best possible care, experience and health.


    These five values guide decisions on the delivery of health services in Five Hills Health Region.  Each value is defined by operating principles.


  • Valuing and honouring each other’s perspectives, diverse beliefs and choices
  • Being compassionate and treating each other with dignity
  • Honouring fairness and confidentiality
  • Recognizing and celebrating contributions of others


  • Collaborating with clients, providers and stakeholders to achieve the best possible health outcomes
  • Actively engaging clients, providers and community stakeholders in the health planning, delivery and evaluation of health services


  • Learning and improving as individuals and as a system in the relentless pursuit of service excellence, quality and safety
  • Achieving a high performing health care system through continuous innovation
  • Focusing on care outcomes informed by evidence and sound judgment
  • Leading with vision and the courage to do what’s right


  • Demonstrating integrity, ethical behaviour and responsibility for our actions
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting the performance of our health region
  • Thinking and acting as an integrated system in the provision of services responsive to citizen and community needs
  • Being good stewards of the resources entrusted to the health region


  • Building trust through open and honest communication
  • Providing useful evidence-based information about health care services
  • Disclosing the information about the planning and performance of our health region