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Hospital Services - Emergency Room

In a true emergency, call 911.

There are three full-service Emergency Rooms in the Five Hills Health Region.

Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital

55 Diefenbaker Drive
Moose Jaw


Assiniboia Union Hospital

501 – 6th Ave E


St. Joseph’s Hospital

216 Bettez St



A full range of emergency services are available at all sites.

When to Use the Emergency Department

Nurses, physicians and other emergency health specialists in out Emergency Departments provide care to people who are severely ill or have suffered life-threatening injuries.  When people with non-urgent medical concerns use the emergency department, they put additional pressure on emergency staff, and on patients and family members who are waiting to receive urgent medical care.  In Emergency, people in greatest need are seen first.  When your need is not urgent, we would like you to consider an alternative to the Emergency Department.

Five Hills Health Region asks that you use the Emergency Rooms for emergencies only.

Please contact your family physician for non-urgent medical concerns.

Emergency Medical Conditions include:

  • Any chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • A sudden, severe headache
  • Frequent vomiting and diarrhea
  • Large cut or wound
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sudden confusion or weakness
  • Possible broken bone(s)
  • Severe abdominal pain

Non-urgent medical conditions include:

  • Minor cut
  • Prescription refill
  • A cold
  • Mild flu
  • Rashes

How to access the Emergency Department at the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital:

  • Proceed to access off of Diefenbaker Drive marked "Emergency"
  • Park in designate ER parking adjacent to ER entrance doors
  • Once your loved one is registered and settled please move your vehicle to parking lot 'A' for easiest access.
  • Watch our video on how to access the ER, click here.

Emergency department staff are not able to provide medical advice over the telephone. 

If you require general health advice, please call the HealthLine by dialling 8-1-1 or visit them online by clicking the icon below!


HealthLine is a free, confidential 24hr health advice telephone line, staffed by registered nurses.  They can provide you with immediate, professional health advice or information, and direct you to the most appropriate source of care. 


Poison Control Center

Call the Poison Control Center toll-free at 1-866-454-1212.

This is a confidential, 24/7 service that can assist with:

  • Immediate assessment and treatment recommendations for poison and chemical emergencies
  • Staffed by a specially trained team of poison experts (pharmacists, nurses and doctors).
  • A real person providing expert advice, information, follow-up and reassurance.
  • Call for emergency treatment advice for victims exposed to all kinds of poisons including drugs, plants, mushrooms, pesticides, snake and spider bites and a wide variety of household cleaners and chemicals.